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Gear Hut is Reno's local outdoor gear shop specializing in the consignment of "human powered mountain sport" apparel and equipment. Their mission is to increase access to the outdoors by limiting the financial barriers of these sports, and to minimize environmental impact by ensuring quality products aren't ending up in landfills prematurely. Gear Hut is a certified NV Green Business and works to help local outdoor minded non-profits fundraise, like MoonRocks Bouldering Co.

Our mission came from hardened lessons in the Marine Corps and emergency response. We wanted to help men and women perform at their best, whether on the frontline, the fire line, or the fall line.
The inspiration for RecPak came while with a sniper unit. Operating in unforgiving terrain for days on end, small things had a big impact. Maintaining peak performance was hard on energy bars and rations. Space, weight, and time was essential to mission success. To find a better solution, we spent two years working with experts, experimenting with different ingredients and packaging, and tested it all on the trail.
As brothers, we’ve always had the belief that the best way to “leave the world better than you found it” is to bring something to it. Thats why we're committed to donating to Ukraine one pouch of RecPak for every pouch sold online, and supporting conservation causes as a member of 1% for the Planet.

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"Ascent Climbing Media is dedicated to celebrating everything there is for climbing, the people, their stories, and to come together as a community to nurture this sport we love through creative photography, videography, and other media."

"Most of today’s climbing media is focused on what happens at the edges of the sport involving the most experienced and talented climbers in the world. Your hosts Kyle Broxterman and Max Carrier believe that these stories and experiences do not directly relate to the majority of climbers that now exist. Thanks to gyms, the Olympics, and mainstream media coverage a vast growing group of people are now discovering this magical sport. As a part of this group, they are here to give this new Climbing Majority a voice and a place to share the experiences, stories, and lessons of the non-professional climber."


TONIC is a purpose-driven, woman-owned, farm-to-bottle wellness brand rooted in quality, sustainability and transparency. With products for your inner space and outer space, TONIC’s innovative botanical blends deliver a more holistic, integrative plant-based wellness solution to restore your essential balance and #fixyourvibe.


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